I was born in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city where I started my musical journey when I was four. I spent a few years singing in a Children's Choir until I was nine. I started to learn Pipa (Chinese Lute) when I was seven.


When I was eighteen, I moved to Xiamen, where  I  achieved my bachelor's degree in Music Performance from Xiamen University (2012), majoring in Pipa, minoring in Ruan(plucked stringed instruments) and Ocarina. During my undergraduate study, I formed bands, participated in music competitions, and performed in numbers of quality events in China. In February 2012, I represented Xiamen University to perform with the Student Art Group in Liberia and Nigeria. Later in May, I held my solo concert at Xiamen University.


In 2013, I came to Wellington, the coolest little capital in the world, to work for the Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington as a mandarin language assistant for two years. I worked in the office of the Confucius Institute. I assisted to teach Chinese language classes for students at Victoria University and offered Chinese language classes for primary school-aged children at a community centre. I also offered a number of music workshops in schools and communities and performed in quality events. 


In 2018, I completed my two years of music therapy training from New Zealand School of Music at Victoria University of Wellington and I graduated with a master's degree in Music Therapy in December. I had eight months of work experience in a Special Learning Centre at a primary school with children with autism, intellectual disabilities, and challenging behaviours. I also worked on the children’s ward in a hospital and a Specialist Hospital, working with people with dementia as a part of my music therapy training in 2016 and 2017.

Since 2018, I have worked as a Registered Music Therapist and I am passionate about helping children and adults to reach their potential and build connections through positive music-making. I have worked with children with special needs at schools and adults with dementia and mental health disorders at rest homes and daycare centres. I feel so grateful to choose to be a music therapist because my desire to help people who have complex needs could be realized through my music.

My music therapy work is person-centred and strength-based. I particularly enjoy working with children. I believed that children are kind, sincere, enthusiastic, and generous. When they express these characteristics and feelings, we all receive a kind of therapy. I also benefit greatly from the experience of working with elderly people. I love the positivity when people and music come together and I feel that  I now have a better understanding of how to care for them with patience and compassion.

Apart from music therapy works, I also work for the Confucious Institute at Victoria University of Wellington and China Cultural Centre in Wellington as a Discover China music instructor and a music teacher. 


我毕业于厦门大学,音乐表演专业,主修琵琶,辅修阮和陶笛。2012年, 我作为厦大艺术团的一员,赴非洲利比里亚和尼日利亚进行为期半个月的访问演出。 同年5月,我在厦大艺术学院音乐厅举办了个人的毕业音乐会。2013年至2014年,我曾担任维多利亚大学孔子学院的汉语助教老师,致力于汉语教学和中国文化推广。2018年12月,我获得了维多利亚大学新西兰音乐学院的音乐治疗硕士学位,并成为了一名新西兰注册音乐治疗师。在音乐治疗学习期间,我曾在惠灵顿当地的儿童医院、老人院和一所小学的特教中心实习。 毕业以来, 我在惠灵顿当地的一所特教学校,几家老人院和慈善组织担任音乐治疗师的工作。同时,我也是惠灵顿维多利亚大学孔子学院“发现中国”文化项目的音乐老师, 惠灵顿中国文化中心的琵琶老师。 


●Won the gold prize in Chinese traditional instruments competition in Cross-strait Art Festival in Fujian province, China, in 2009.

●Won the gold prize in Chinese traditional instruments competition in Chinese Music Star Selection in Fujian province, China, in 2010.

●Won the honourable prize in Chinese traditional instruments competition in Chinese Artists Selection in Fujian province, China, in 2010.

●Won "Guanghua" scholarship and honoured as an"Outstanding student leader" in Xiamen University, China, in 2011.

●Honoured as an "Excellent student" and "Excellent graduate" at Xiamen University, China, in 2012.

●Achieved International Chinese Teacher Volunteer Certificate, in 2015.

●Achieved Yoga for Kids and Families Teacher Training Certificate, in 2017.

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