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I formed bands and performed in numbers of quality cultural events and activities in China before I came to New Zealand. I represented Xiamen University to perform with the student art group in Liberia and Nigeria in 2012. I held my solo concert at Xiamen University, China, in 2012.

在厦门大学读书期间,我组建过乐队,参与了很多文化活动。2012年, 我作为厦门大学艺术团的一员,赴非洲利比里亚和尼日利亚进行为期半个月的访问演出。 同年5月,在厦门大学艺术学院音乐厅举行了个人的毕业音乐会。


During these years in Wellington, I have been participating in many cultural events and music performance,  including performances for "China Dream” of Mid-Autumn Festival Concert, "Confucius Institute 10-years Anniversary Celebration", “IPC International Spring Festival”, “Chinese Culture Exhibition” at Te Papa, "Race Relation Day Festival", "New Zealand & China Mayoral Forum",  "West Meet East Concert" at Te papa, "Chinese New Year Celebration" at  Te papa, “The Parliamentary Chinese New Year Celebration”,  "A Showcase of Classical Music and Dance from East to West", Hastings Lantern Festival, Newtown Festival......

来惠灵顿以后, 我参与了很多文化活动的音乐表演, 包括“中国梦”中秋音乐会、孔子学院10周年庆典、IPC 国际樱花节、新西兰国家博物馆的中国文物展的开幕式和闭幕式、种族多元文化庆典、新西兰国家博物馆的西方遇见东方音乐会、中国新年在惠灵顿国会的庆祝活动, 东西方古典音乐和舞蹈音乐会,黑斯廷斯市灯笼节,惠灵顿Newtown 文化节等。

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