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The Olive TreeChintz
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Skye Boat song Chintz
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Jingyuan (Cici) Kong, Emily Clemett and Moggie Grayson, known collectively as Chintz, are Wellington-based musicians, music teachers, and Scottish Country Dancers, Our love of playing and sharing traditional music has come together over the past year to compile our first album. Our influences included Chinese and Celtic melodies and songs that we enjoy arranging and performing.


Thanks to the Wellington Chinese community and the Wellington Scottish Country Dancers for their support and encouragement, Luo Hui for translations and Nick Servian for photography.


Recorded by Tony Ricketts at Portable Panic, Wellington. Dec 2014.



Chintz 乐队, 由孔璟瑗, Emily Clemett 和 Moggie Grayson组成。我们都是惠灵顿的音乐人,从事音乐表演和教育, 并热衷苏格兰乡村舞蹈。对传统音乐的共同热爱促成了我们的首张专辑。 专辑收录了我们排练和演绎的中国乐曲和苏格兰和爱尔兰的传统音乐。感谢惠灵顿的中国朋友和苏格兰舞蹈俱乐部的成员的鼓励和支持, 并感谢罗辉的中文翻译和Nick Servian的封面摄影。


录音:Tony Ricketts, Portable Panic, 惠灵顿,2014年12月。


If you are interested in our music, welcome to send me an email at You could spend $20 to purchase a joyful CD(11 tracks).







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