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I completed my two years of music therapy training from the New Zealand School of Music and my thesis is about how to build and sustain connections through music therapy with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I graduated with a master's degree in Music Therapy in December 2018.

















I had some work experience with children with special needs before I started my music therapy training. I helped the students from the Special Education School of Xiamen, by organizing musical games and activities, in 2009. I joined a fundraising charity event to help children with ASD in Xiamen, China, in 2010. When I was doing my music workshops at schools in New Zealand, I started to become aware that some children have special needs in the schools. I was surprised, however, that how much they enjoyed the music. One child who hid in the corner gradually raised his head and paid attention to me. Another who had epilepsy and delayed response smiled at me. I really felt that I had achieved something significant.


在开始音乐治疗学习之前,我有一些特教领域的工作经验。2009年,我参与了厦门特教学校的趣味运动会,帮助那里的学生们编排音乐游戏和活动。2010年,我参加了帮助自闭症孩子的慈善演出活动。 2013年和2014年在惠灵顿当地学校做音乐工作坊的时候,我时常发现一些有特殊需要的孩子,我惊讶于他们感受音乐的能力。 记得有一个坐在教室角落的孩子,他微微抬起头,默默看着我,渐渐跟着音乐的节奏摇摆,并露出了笑容。他让我意识到了音乐的力量和它所发挥的重要性。


I had an opportunity to visit a local special education school and spoke with a music therapist in 2013. I was deeply touched by how he shared his patience, love, and kindness through music-making with children in the sessions. This visit and my experience of working with children have triggered me to choose to be a music therapist.


2013年,我有幸参观了一所特殊教育学校,并见到了在那所学校工作的音乐治疗师。 通过半天的音乐治疗观摩和交流,我被音乐治疗师在和接受治疗的孩子们一起工作时所表现出的耐心,爱心和善良深深打动。 这次的参观以及我与孩子们一起工作的经历让我选择成为一名音乐治疗师。



From 2016 to 2017:

Special Learning Centre, Local Primary School

I worked with 13 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the special learning centre of a local primary school from February to September 2017, as a music therapy student. I supported the staff team and assisted the students in reaching their therapeutic goals through music-making in group sessions and individual sessions, particularly in promoting social communication and interactions and supporting their emotional needs. I provided them with a wide range of activities, including greeting songs, action songs, movement and dance, ball games, bubbles, rainbow ring games, and parachutes.














2017年2月至9月,我在惠灵顿一所小学的特教中心实习。 我和13个患有自闭症的孩子一起工作。每天早晨, 我有两个团体治疗小组。 我安排了多种多样的音乐活动,包括问候歌、动作歌、舞蹈、传球活动、泡泡活动、彩虹环和降落伞活动等等。团体治疗增加了学生们互动和交流的机会,帮助他们更好的适应学校的环境。我为每个治疗对象设定了音乐治疗的目标并且安排了一对一治疗。 在音乐治疗中,我通过运用不同的乐器和音乐活动来帮助他们实现治疗目标。


Children's Ward, Hutt Valley Hospital

I worked in Hutt Valley Hospital, on the children’s ward from July to September 2016, as a music therapy student. I sang songs, made musical activities and games in a creative, playful, and therapeutic way, to help children suffering from illness and reduce pain and anxiety. I used guitar, ukulele, ocarina, boom whackers, and other percussion instruments in my work, which provided opportunities for the children to have fun and relax.
















2016年7月至9月,我在哈特医院的儿童病房实习。我通过唱歌、编排有趣的音乐活动和游戏来帮助住院儿童减轻看病压力和疾病痛苦。在工作中,我主要使用了吉他,尤克里里,陶笛,彩虹管(Boom Whackers)和打击乐器。这些音乐活动愉悦了孩子们的心情,提供了轻松愉快的氛围。


Manor Park Hospital

I worked with elderly people who have dementia in Manor Park hospital from July to September 2016, as a music therapy student. I planed therapeutic goals for my clients and arranged individual sessions and group sessions for them. Music provides them with pleasure and a better quality of life. It helps them to express their feelings, communicate, and interact with others. I used guitar, ukulele, ocarina, pipa (Chinese lute), and percussion instruments in my sessions.

Manor Park 医院

2016年7月至9月,我在Manor Park 老人医院实习。这里的患者都有不同程度的老年痴呆症。我为她/他们制订了治疗目标,开设了个人与团体治疗。音乐带给他们快乐, 为他们提供了更好的生活品质,帮助他们提高记忆力,表达内心感受,与他人交流和互动。在工作中,我主要使用了吉他,尤克里里,陶笛,琵琶和打击乐器。


From July 2018 to December 2018:

I offered weekly music therapy sessions for a baby group who came to a local rest home, encouraged and supported the interaction and socialization between the babies, their families and the elderly residents.

2018年7月至12月,我在当地的一所老人院工作,给来自当地社区的宝宝们提供团体音乐治疗服务 通过音乐活动,鼓励和促进了宝宝们与他们的家人和老人院的老人们之间的积极互动。

From July 2019 to September 2020:

I started to work at a couple of rest homes, delivered group music therapy sessions for elderly people, encouraged physical fitness and emotional expression, enhanced their social engagement and improved the quality of their life. From 2020, I worked at a secondary school, delivering music therapy group sessions for students with special needs, supporting their emotional needs and promoting social communication and interaction.

2019年7月至2020年9月,我先后在惠灵顿当地的几所老人院和一所高中的特教部门担任音乐治疗师。在老人院,我通过音乐治疗鼓励老人们加强肢体活动和情感表达, 提高他们的互动交流和生活品质。在特教部门, 我通过音乐活动支持学生们的情感需求, 促进他们的社交互动与沟通能力。

From September 2020:

I work full-time for the Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust, delivering individual and group music therapy sessions to children and adults in Northland, to assist in the healing and personal growth of people with identified emotional, intellectual, social or physical needs.





2020年9月, 我开始在Ruakatauri 音乐治疗中心担任全职音乐治疗师。 为Northland 地区的孩子和成年人提供个人和团体音乐治疗服务,帮助他们实现治疗目标。

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